Mo Egger celebrates a decade on Cincinnati’s airwaves

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Due to a rain delay and 13 long innings, Mo Egger got only three minutes of air time on his very first talk-radio broadcast with Cincinnati’s 700WLW — “The Big One.”

Within those three minutes, he had time to announce about three things: The score of the Reds’ victory that evening (“I think the Reds won the game, let’s say 3-2”), a sponsor mention and who the Reds would play the following day.

“I came on and I said, ‘This is Mo Egger. This is the “Extra Innings Show” — Rockies, 3. Reds, 2.’ I announced the wrong team,” Egger said.

That was back in 2007. Regardless of the gaff, the boys at “The Big One” let him stick around.

As he comes up on nearly a decade in talk radio, Egger, 39, still hosts broadcasts for 700WLW.

To his list of responsibilities, he’s added a show on ESPN1530 and works with the University of Cincinnati’s football and basketball broadcasts. He sometimes drops in on classes at UC and Xavier to tell aspiring journalism students about his career – one in which he is the last of a great many.

When Michael Perry was a sports editor at the Cincinnati Enquirer, he wrote about Egger for a series the paper was running on the 12 or 13 sports talk-radio personalities in the local market.

He called Cincinnati a haven for sports broadcasting.

“Literally, right after we wrote that, over the next five years they started either getting out of it themselves or being moved out of it because they couldn’t all survive,” Perry said. “There’s only a couple still standing.”

Around these parts, the remaining two full-time sports broadcasters are Egger and Lance McAllister, both of whom recognized early on the importance, as professional personalities, of connecting with their listeners outside of the traditional radio broadcasts — through blogging and social media.

Egger runs a personal blog for ESPN1530, where he posts sports-related content and promos for events he will be attending. He is also an active Twitter user, where he fleshes himself out a little more than he can on the radio.

He posts sports stuff, of course, but he also posts delicious looking pictures of wings from Braxton Brewery, and tons of pictures of cute animals during the broadcast of the presidential debates.

Egger said when he uses Twitter, it’s usually just to have some fun and share things he thinks are cool.

Despite the apparent extinction of the full-time sports talk show host, Egger presses on with a smile on his face — grateful for the opportunity that his loyal fans have provided him.

This has basically been his life’s dream. He chose the University of Dayton, where he earned his undergraduate degree, specifically because they’d let him on the campus radio his freshman year.

And he’s been doing it ever since.

So, here’s to a man living his dream, and may his next decade in talk radio be as fun as the first.