TNR Awards

The News Record has a long, proud history of excellence. Below are the records for the awards in various competitions that have been awarded to The News Record and its staff through the years. (Note: The list is based off awards found in the office. If something is missing from the list, email us and we’ll add it!)

Society of Professional Journalists (Region 4)


- Winner: Best Affiliated Website

- Winner: Breaking News Reporting: "Alert lifted: Shots fired on UC's campus" by The News Record Staff

- Finalist: In-Depth Reporting: "Soaring subsidies: UC's four-year athletic deficit up to nearly $102 million" by David Wysong and Zach Edwards


- Winner: Best Affiliated Website

- Winner: Photo Illustration: Spirited pumpkins - by Madison Schmidt

- Finalist: Best All-Around Non-Daily

- Finalist: Breaking News Photography: Cincinnati protests for Ferguson - by Madison Schmidt

- Finalist: Sports column writing - by Joshua Miller


- Finalist: Photo Illustration: “Cover” by Phil Didion

- Finalist: Sports Column Writing: Josh Miller


- 1st Feature Photography: “Cadets train at Indiana facility” by The News Record Staff

- 2nd Breaking News Photography: “Ohio becomes focus as election nears end” by Lauren Purkey

- 3rd General News Reporting: “Purchasing Power” by The News Record Staff


- 1st Best All-Around Non-Daily

- 1st Online Feature Reporting: Jason Hoffman, Eamon Queeney & Blake Hawk — Heart of a champion, heart of a cat

- 1st Breaking News: Ariel Cheung, Anthony Orozco, Sean Peters & Gin A. Ando — Explosion shakes Jerusalem Restaurant

- 1st Feature Photography: Anna Bentley — Church restoration project

- 2nd Online Sports Reporting: Brittany York, Sam Weinberg, Sam Greene — Crosstown Brawl

- 2nd Best Affiliated Website

- 2nd Editorial Writing: James Sprague, Jason Hoffman, Sam Greene, Ariel Cheung — “Constitutional rights threatened”

- 2nd General News Photography: Eamon Queeney — “Obama touts jobs”

- 3rd Feature Photography: Sam Greene — “To love again” (Cincinnati Enquirer)


- 3rd Best All-Around Non Daily

- 2nd Feature Writing: Ariel Cheung — “CCM Grad Rocks Hard Backstage”

- 2nd Sports Photography: Patrick Strang

- 3rd Best Affiliated Website

2009: 2nd Best Affiliated Website

2007: 1st Sports Writing: Keith Jenkins — “Yooouuk!”

2005: 2nd Best All-Around Non Daily


- 2nd All-Around Non Daily

- 1st Sports Photography: Dahn Vu — “Sean Banks Up and Under”

- 2nd Sports Photography: Dan Burns — “Soccer Jumpers”

- 2nd Feature Writing: Zach Van Hart — “Man Behind the Stadium”

- 3rd Feature Photography: Megan McNames — “ROTC Women”

- 3rd General News Photography: Dan Burns — “Queen Mother”

- 3rd Sports Column Writing: Zach Van Hart — “Rants and Raves”


- 1st Best All-Around Non Daily

- 3rd Sweepstakes Award

- 1st Sports Column Writing: Jason Williams — “My Take”

- 2nd Editorial Writing: Joe Shaw

- 2nd Spot News Reporting: Tony Cook and Brian Phillips — “Cincinnati rallies to support troops”

- 2nd General News Photography: Jon Blevins — “Fun at Clermont”

- 2nd Feature Photography: Jon Blevins — “Controlled Descent”

- 2nd Photo Illustration: Vina Parel Ayers — “Dating in the City”

- 2nd Editorial Cartooning: Justin Hardesty

- 3rd Sports Writing: John Warner — “Powering a Program”

- 3rd Editorial Writing: Michael Freeman

- 3rd General Column Writing: Isaac Thorn

- 3rd Sports Photography: Paul Andrews — “Collision”


- 2nd Best All-Around Non Daily

- 1st Sweepstakes Award

- 1st Editorial Cartooning: Justin Hardesty

- 1st Sports Photography: Bryan Westbrook “Diving”

- 1st General Column Writing: Dale Francis Smith — “Psychic Potpourri”

- 2nd Sports Writing: John Warner — “Ahead of the Pack”

- 2nd Photo Illustration: Dale Francis Smith — “Taft Dollar”

- 2nd Spot News Reporting: Tim Meeker — “Donald Little”

- 2nd Editorial Writing: Mark Hansel

- 3rd Feature Writing: Tony Cook — “Bird’s Eye View”

- 3rd Spot News Reporting: Tony Cook and Simon Kinsella — “Students flood capitol”

- 3rd General Column Writing: Brian Phillips — “Shades of Gray”

- 3rd In-depth Reporting: Tony Cook/CityBeat — “Answers in the Streets”

- 3rd Feature Photography: Vina Parel Ayers — “Mosque Women”

- 3rd Spot News Photography: Bryan Westbrook — “Firefighters”

- 3rd Sports Photography: Melanie Gall — “OSU Loss”

- 3rd General News Photography: Bryan Westbrook — “Clothesline”

- Honorable Mention General Column Writing: Simon Kinsella — “Steal This Column”

- Honorable Mention Sports Writing: Zach Van Hart — “Family Tradition”


- 1st Best Non-Daily Newspaper

- 3rd Sweepstakes Award

- 1st General News Photography: Blake Kidney

- 1st Photo Illustration: Blake Kidney

- 1st Spot News Photography: Sean Bender

- 1st Editorial Cartooning: Darnell Wilburn

- 2nd Feature News Photography: Michael Kellner

- 3rd Sports Writing: Kevin S. Kuertz

- 3rd Sports Photography: Julia-Rose Heath


- 1st Spot News Photography: Rachel Dawson

- 2nd Feature Photography: Rachel Dawson

- 3rd Sports Photography: Rachel Dawson

- 3rd General News Photography: Rachel Dawson

1990: 1st Editorial Cartooning: Ward Jenkins

Ohio Newspaper Association Collegiate Newspaper Competition


- 1st Best Collegiate Newspaper Website


- 2nd Photojournalism

- 3rd Best Multi-Media Package


- 1st Design

- 1st Best Collegiate Newspaper Website

- 1st Arts & Entertainment

- 1st Photojournalism

- 1st Headline Writing

- 2nd Editorial Writing

- 3rd Sports Coverage


- 2nd Headline Writing

- 2nd Sports Coverage

- 3rd Arts & Entertainment

- 3rd Editorial Writing


- 1st Photojournalism

- 1st Editorial Writing

- 2nd Design

- 2nd Best Collegiate Newspaper Website

- 2nd Sports Coverage

College Newspaper Business & Advertising Managers Contest


- 2nd Best Digital Rate Card/Media Kit

- Business Manager of the Year

- 3rd Best Sales Promotion Materials

- 2nd Best Classifieds Page/Section

- 3rd Online Display Advertising


- 1st Best Media Kit/Marketing Package

- 1st Best Special Section


- 1st Best General Marketing Package

- 2nd Best Newspaper Promotion Campaign


- 2nd Best Back-to-School Issue

- 3rd Best Classifieds Group Promotion


- 3rd Best General Marketing Package

- 3rd Best Training Program

- 1st Best Sales Promotional Materials

- 2nd Best Display Ad color

- 2nd Best Back-to-School Issue


- 2nd Best Special Section

- 1st Best ROP Group Promotion

- 1st Best Rate Card

- 1st Best Back-to-School Issue

- 1st Best General Marketing Package

- 1st Best Training Program


- 3rd Best ROP Group Promotion

- 3rd Best Special Section

1991: 2nd Best Special Section

1986: Certificate of Merit News Page Design: Kim Mailek

Queen City Chapter SPJ

1998: Honorable Mention Photo Illustration: Jason Snell

Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker Awards

1993: Pacemaker Finalist Award

1991: East Region Regional Pacemaker Award

Ohio SPJ Awards

2007: Best Student Journalist: Rasputin Todd

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Awards


- 3rd Single Ad B&W with Photo: Richard Stewart

- 1st News Publication Overall Design (Broadsheet): Jeff Cancelosi

- 1st News Publication Sports Page Design (Broadsheet Open No Ads): Jeff Cancelosi and Allen Grant

- Certificate of Merit News Publication Art/Illustration (B&W/One Color): Chris McClary

1992: 1st Place Certificate


- 2nd Place Certificate

- Silver Crown Award

1990: 1st Place Certificate


- 2nd Overall Design: Broadsheet

- Certificate of Merit Feature Page Design: Jim Merrithew — “Spelunking”

1986: 2nd Entertainment Reviews: Eric Johnson — “CCM’s ‘The Rake’s Progress’ a First-Rate Production”

Student Society of Newspaper Design Award of Excellence


- 1st Overall Design: Jeff Cancelosi

- 2nd Regularly Appearing Magazine or Special Section: Jeff Cancelosi

- Honorable Mention Editorial or Commentary Page Design: Jeff Cancelosi and Kevin Knapp

- 2nd Entertainment Page Design: Cybele Grandjean

- 3rd College Designer of the Year: Jeff Cancelosi

- Honorable Mention Page One Design: Jeff Cancelosi

American Scholastic Press

1983: First place

Hillel Jewish Student Center

In tribute to Mary George and The News Record Staff


2009-10: For Exceptional Services to Bearcast

Cincinnati Magazine

1995: Best Opportunity for Student Journalists: Roz Florez and UC News Record

Internet Board of MD Link

July 1996: Best of Campus Websites

American Association of University Professors:

1991-92: Dillwyn F. Ratcliff Award for Distinguished Service in the Cause of Academic Freedom

Clifton Magazine Awards

While examining our archives, we also came across a handful of awards from the award-winning student magazine, Clifton Magazine, that ran from 1972 to 1994. As the magazine won a handful of really impressive awards, we felt it was worth listing them here.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Region 4

1978: Best All-Around Student Magazine (National Level)

1979: Best All-Around Student Magazine (National Level)

1983: 1st Best All-Around Student Magazine

1985: 1st Best All-Around Student Magazine

1992: 1st Best All-Around Student Magazine

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Awards

1985: 2nd Title & Contents Page: Rudolf Lee, Jr.


- 3rd Overall Design: General Magazine: Tom Peters, Michael Coulter, Jana Leindecker and Angie Tallarico

- 2nd Non-Fiction Article or Interview: Michael Coulter and Christopher Ryan


- Medalist Certificate

- 1st Magazine Non-Fiction Article or Interview: Jennifer L. Jenks

Cincinnati Editors Association

1980: 2nd Total Communication, Entire Publication, Magazine: Tom Cosgrove


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