US Space Force

Logo of the United States Space Force.

For a second, let’s just step back a little and think about how many separate military forces we have dedicated to the seas; the Navy, the Marines and the Coast Guard. But for air and space, we have only one? That doesn’t make sense.

It has been over 50 years since we put a man on the moon. Why do we not have a Space Force already?

If you consider the Space Force a joke, then the Air Force is an even bigger joke. Up until 1947, the Air Force was merely a branch of the U.S. Army after all. So much so that the person who first suggested the creation of an independent air force was ridiculed and court-martialed out of the Army.

The man I’m talking about is General Billy Mitchell. He was put on the cross for giving that “blasphemous” suggestion. Yet ironically after his dismissal, it was his blueprints that were used to set up the organization that is today known as the U.S. Air Force. He died a full-bird Colonel, but was promoted posthumously to Major General for those contributions, once again proving the old notion that the only hero the Army will take, is a dead one. 

The truth is no disciplined military establishments takes kindly to the introduction of major changes or shuffles in their administrative structures because of the nature of their strict training and indoctrination. And as such, just like “Billy Mitchell’s Airforce”, Space Force is not a widely liked idea in the U.S. military at the moment.

But what Mitchell’s plan lacked, the Space Force has plenty of. And that is presidential support. Then-President Calvin Coolidge scoffed at the idea. Now, we have the full force of President Donald Trump behind the proposal.

Any criticism of setting up a new force for space is easily debunked by justifications for having a separate air force. Common criticisms of Space Force and their rebuttals are as follows:

1. “We already have USAF space command. Why have a new force?”: Well the same thing can be said about the Air Force. It used to be part of the Army. So we should have simply let it be that way? By the same token, we already have the Navy, so why have the Coast Guard or Marine Corps?

2. “New uniforms, new people, new equipment means more money.”: Still not anything that the “separate Airforce” logic, can’t refute.

3. “Just because President Trump suggested it means it has to be something silly.” This is not a real argument.

The Russians had one in 1992. They beat us to the punch. So what? I say better late than never.

In conclusion, I would like to say the only adequate reason needed to set up an independent Space Force is simply, “the age demands it.” For God’s sake we are living in the 21st century and space is the final frontier. Give us that Space Force already.