Mounir's mehs

What's Mounir meh about this week?

Here is your weekly list of everything that's not good, not bad, but just meh.

1. Syllabus week

Every semester begins with syllabus week. It’s the week where, in most cases, nothing much happens. You finalize that schedule, figure out where the heck your classes are and catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a month. Still, there are a fair share of very kind professors that get class started immediately. Those professors can really harsh the mellow of the first week of classes. This is also the week our bank accounts become drained by textbook and “access code” homework costs. So, you’d best have fun and go out with your friends during this chill week, because you’ll be spending your paycheck on your Spanish homework soon enough. Yay!

2. New Year’s

In my family, the coming of the New Year is a pretty big deal. My superstitious mother has recently discovered the tradition of eating noodles and cabbage for good luck, so my year began with the consumption of delicious foods like cabbage (both plain and in the form of sauerkraut), black-eyed peas and noodles. Not exactly the best foods, but as a society, we become super invested in our traditions to bring in the New Year. Those also include New Year’s resolutions that most of us make, but don’t stick with throughout the year anyways. Still, even though calendar years are a sort of made-up concept to keep us organized, there’s something nice about starting fresh, especially after a rough two years. Good luck this year, all. May 2018 bring you joy, peace, better exercise habits and whatever else you want.

3. Amazon

Anything you need for back to school, Amazon has it — and they’ll deliver it to UC students almost instantly with Amazon Prime Now. Your textbooks will probably be cheaper, and you can get a six-pack of your favorite craft brew in a few short hours. We are blessed to have our own super futuristic Amazon store where you can pick up expedited orders with free shipping. That said, Amazon is under some fire right now for harsh working environments. Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon and now the world’s richest man, is under fire for Amazon’s shortcomings as well. But hey — Amazon is the future, and they’re doing a lot of super cool things. I’ll also do absolutely anything to save money on books.

4. The college basketball regular season

College basketball is one of my favorite sports, and I’m really excited to be able to watch it every day — especially those Cincinnati Bearcats. But it’s one of the longest seasons of any college sport and nothing really even matters until March. My other team — my hometown Ohio State Buckeyes — just recently waxed the No. 1 Michigan State Spartans, and Norwood State (sometimes known as Xavier), recently took an L. College basketball can be a great time, but sometimes it just seems like one insanely long preseason.

TWEET: This week Mounir thinks syllabus week and even the college basketball regular season are pretty meh. What do you think?