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“Best of UC” is a tradition that The News Record does each year to have the University of Cincinnati (UC) community vote on their local favorites. The categories include restaurants, dining halls, residence halls and even athletes. The voting took place via The News Record website, and the results were published with comments from members of The News Record staff. I picked a few sections of the publications that I have an opinion about, so here is a list of my personal takes.

Best Campus Building: The Lindner College of Business

Whether you are a student in the business school or not, this choice seems to be the golden one. I love Lindner because of all the floors with extra seating, open classrooms that can be reserved, and the beautiful views through the giant windows encompassing the building. The only downside of Lindner is the fact that it tends to be crowded due to its high popularity.

Best Dining Hall: On the Green

Although I no longer have a meal plan, On the Green is hands down the most memorable dining hall from my freshman year. They have the best variety of foods and the healthiest options that still taste good. I loved their stir fry station because you could choose each ingredient in your meal, which they put together right in front of you.

Best Residence Hall: Daniels Hall

This is the first point in the “Best of UC” that I strongly disagree with. I think the only thing Daniels has going for it is its proximity to Short Vine. Daniels Hall is outdated compared to many newer residence halls like Turner and Schneider, which have their own bathrooms and bigger living spaces. The rooms at Daniels are less spacious and more crammed together.

Best Sushi: Drunken Bento

Drunken Bento is the obvious choice for their great prices alone. Dining in allows you to get any sushi roll, even the specialty ones, for half price. Besides that, I am passionate about my love of sushi, and Drunken Bento definitely has my stamp of approval.

Best Coffee Shop: Rohs Street Cafe

I think there are many options around campus that are better than Rohs Street Cafe. I enjoy the scenery inside, but other than that I think that other places such as The 86 have better tasting coffee. The prices are comparable, so I do not understand why people would choose Rohs Street over The 86, or even a chain like Starbucks.

Best Pizza: Adriatico’s

I completely agree that Adriatico’s is the best pizza place around campus. They are fast and efficient with the best taste. I like the spice they add to their sauce and the thickness of their Sicilian pizza. I am also a big fan of their breadsticks due to the doughiness that the knots from the braided texture add throughout.

Best Dessert: Graeter’s

Graeter’s is Cincinnati’s own ice cream. It is such a classic for this city that there is no competition. The fact that they have a flavor just for UC, “Boldly Bearcat,” alone is enough to lend Graeter’s a win in best dessert category. I personally love the classic mint chocolate chip flavor with their signature chocolate chunks inside.

Features Reporter

Hayley has contributed to The News Record since her freshman year and is now going into her junior year as the features reporter. She has completed an internship for VMSD Magazine and is now interning for the College of Arts and Sciences MarComm office.