Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've gone from owning three or four plants to somewhere around 40, and that number is only growing. Some say that the crazy plant lady is the new cat lady, meaning you're an obsessive shut-in and one is never enough.

The United States is changing. Big coastal cities have seen shocks to their systems after years of rent spikes and ever-rising living costs deepened their ironically exclusionary appeal.

After a long summer of uncertainty, classes are underway at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and students must cope with paying full tuition for online courses. 

The online world is constantly humming with activity. Social media and news outlets are an infinite scroll of information, transferring us out of reality and into a digital anxious-scape.

Editors note: Upon review of the article, I take full responsibility and deeply apologize for the inaccuracies found within it. We have since corrected the falsehoods and will improve our fact-checking process from this point forward. Opinions are biased in their nature, and written at the d…