Has a part-time job ever paid the bills? Like, on time? Consistently? Ask anyone who has ever worked a part-time job in their life, and they’ll tell you that job insecurity and part-time work go hand in hand.

After one of the most tumultuous years of all our collective lives, everyone seems to be making lists about what 2021 means to them– a fresh start, a sign of hope, a nudge in the right direction.

While the University of Cincinnati is doing another semester of hybrid online and in-person classes on paper, we all know we’ll be spending a lot of time on more zoom calls this semester.

As a Biden presidency and Democrat-controlled Congress draws closer by the day, the COVID-19 vaccine slowly immunizes the masses and we begin a new year that could signify much less tragedy than the previous, there are still no guarantees. I think we all know that. 

We all saw it happen this fall semester – the Zoom lectures became camera-less, the motivation to finish assignments dwindled and everyone slowly checked out. Last spring, when everything went virtual after spring break, there was the excuse of a stressful and sudden shift in lifestyle that …