It is no secret American society is experiencing substantial rifts. Many believe this cultural divide is one of the most trying times our nation has faced in recent years. Some even believe we are in the early stages of a “cold civil war.” However, the one truth that connects these schools o…

To start, it’s shocking to see the disparity of representation on this topic. Eighty percent of Americans believe voters should have an ID to vote. 

Journalism. Without it, we would have an uninformed populace. It is essential to a well-informed society. It uncovers the facts. But is it possible that journalism can go too far? The trend of uncovering past tweets to use them for a story seems to point in that direction. 

It’s hard to think of the country that fostered minds of people like Benjamin Franklin, the Wright Brothers and Nikola Tesla as lazy but let’s face it — there is a lethargic orthodoxy when it comes to problem solving in America.