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The University of Cincinnati’s Blue Ash campus is working with the Undergraduate Student Government (SG) student senate to establish a tribunal for the college.

Tribunals are organizations within SG that represent the students of each college. The proposed Blue Ash tribunal will be led by second-year pre-pharmacy student Bryce Mortera, along with first-year students Trevin Ecker, Heavenly Patterson and Kayin Ivery.

Ecker said the tribunal will work to incorporate funding to support student organizations at Blue Ash and will reach out to student senate to request funding for larger events.

In the coming weeks, members of the proposed Blue Ash tribunal will present their constitution and bylaws to the senate before SG votes to approve the tribunal.

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To promote campus partnership, the tribunal plans to work with the roughly 20 available organizations at UC Blue Ash, including the Social Wellness Group, the Muslim Student Association and the Student Nurse Association.

Tribunal members aim to assist these organizations by offering co-sponsorship of events and projects, funding allocations and team member support.

“Our focus as a student government is to support them and help them do outreach, leadership training and connect them to Clifton and other campuses,” said Mortera.

Blue Ash students do not currently have an on-campus resource to find volunteer opportunities. Tribunal members aim to foster stronger connections to community leaders, allowing students to better access volunteer opportunities throughout Greater Cincinnati.

“Teaching students the importance of networking and building relationships will be crucial to ensure they will receive the full college experience,” said Patterson. “Interacting with businesses in the Blue Ash community and volunteering will bring students together to form connections.”

The tribunal will further integrate the Blue Ash campus with UC’s Uptown campus to encourage greater student involvement and smooth transitions for students who transfer from one campus to another.

“As most students eventually move to Uptown campus to finish their degree, some may find that transition process is hard to adjust to,” said Patterson. “With the help of student government, our goal is to help prepare for an easy transition.”

While SG supplies a budget specifically for tribunals, that funding does not apply to tribunals from regional campuses, as Blue Ash has its own activities and student life fund.

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