Lighting up University of Cincinnati’s campus with 2,000 glass panels, Morgens Hall is now among the nation’s most luxurious student housing buildings.

The residence hall took the 7th spot on “The 30 Most Luxurious Student Housing Buildings” list on, ahead of student housing buildings at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University and Harvard University.

According to a UC press release, the newly renovated Morgens Hall opened for students in August 2013. The hall was unique for its apartment-style housing and kitchen inside each apartment, along with a reflective pattern that wards stray birds from hitting the many windows.

While providing a view of campus, the eco-friendly, floor-to-ceiling windows have low-emissive properties, which prevent heat loss or heat gain. Each apartment can be individually heated or cooled, and students can conserve space in their rooms through the dresser and desk combination in each unit.

Michelle Scholz, a third-year marketing student, likes living in Morgens Hall because she shares her bathroom with only her two roommates.

“When I transferred [to UC], I wanted [a dorm] that didn’t have a community bathroom and where you had your own space,” Scholz said.

The hall has the capacity to house 456 students, and will cost $4,117 per semester for a double-occupancy apartment or $4,365 for a single-occupancy apartment during the 2015-16 academic year, according to the UC Housing website.

Leola Lynch, a second-year accounting student, said her apartment is big for how much she paid for it. She loves her view of campus, and likes having a living room and a kitchen.

“It’s nice to be on campus and have a full apartment rather than having a full apartment off campus and having to walk,” Lynch said. “It’s convenient being on campus.”

Lynch lived in the hall last year, and she was so impressed she leased an apartment for a second year.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else, actually,” Lynch said.

Emilia Buckholz, a second-year marketing student, described her living space in the hall while doing her laundry in the on-site laundry facilities.

“You have your own room and living room and your own kitchen,” Buckholz said. “And it’s not as secluded as people think. You can still meet other people in this dorm.”

Buckholz also enjoys the kitchen in her apartment. She does not have a dining pass, so it is convenient to cook her own meals.

Garret Wise, a second-year electronic media student, likes Morgens Hall because it has less of a dorm vibe. After living in Calhoun Hall for his freshman year, he now lives in an eight-person apartment in Morgens Hall.

“It’s more of an apartment feel than it is a dorm,” Wise said. “I mean, we still have RAs and what not, but it’s more relaxed.”