Elections for the University of Cincinnati’s (UC) Undergraduate Student Government (SG) are less than a week away and 13 candidates for senator-at-large are making their case as to why they deserve to be elected as student body representatives. 

Voting takes place on canopy starting March 1 and ending March 5. 

2021 senator-at-large candidates 

Abhigyan Acherjee 

Abhigyan Acherjee

Abhigyan Acherjee.

An international student from Calcutta, India majoring in computer science, Acherjee’s campaign centered around empowering students to create change on campus.  

His affiliations include serving as director of transportation for SG, president of the UC astronomy club and vice president of the Bengali Student Association.

Acherjee’s initiatives include:

  • Improving international students’ accessibility to driving lessons in response to students often running into difficulties in obtaining licenses. 
  • Creating subsidized access to the university’s recreation facilities for co-op students. 
  • Obtaining food delivery robots to service residence halls and off-campus university housing locations. 
  • Installing infotainment displays at shuttle stops and exploring ways to subsidize transportation for students. 
  • Improving campus safety through better lighting, increasing the number of help towers and possibly instituting a “Buddy Program.”

More information can be found on Instagram: @senatoracherjee

Mason Goins 

Mason Goins

Mason Goins.

A second-year secondary education major, Goins is running on platform points of diversity and inclusion, academic success, student life and campus spirit. 

His affiliations with on-campus organizations include RallyCats and the Minority Association of Future Educators. 

Goins’ initiatives include: 

  • Connecting minority students with other minorities in the professional world to better prepare these students for the job market. 
  • Creating a virtual “syllabus bank” that will allow students to view the syllabus of a course before they enroll.  
  • Including Grammarly Premium in the cost of attendance to assist students with their written assignments. 
  • Setting up Bearcats football and basketball watch parties in Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena. 
  • Creating a position in the senate geared solely toward transfer students as well as setting up a transfer student retreat before spring and fall semesters. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @senatorgoins. 

Casey Harloe

Casey Harloe

Casey Harloe.

A second-year English and history major, Harloe is on a platform centered around mental health and sustainability. 

Her campus associations include serving as a UC Blue Ash tribunal senator, Spanish tutor, Spanish club leader along with membership in the Bearcat Buddies program. 

Harloe’s initiatives include: 

  • Creating a canvas course focusing on wellness and mental health. 
  • Creating a mental health questionnaire on the front page of CampusLink that will connect students with on-campus organizations. 
  • Establish efforts to maintain community gardens on main campus as well as the regional campuses in Blue Ash and Clermont County. 
  • Holding a thrifting week with space for students to sell clothing to their peers on campus. 
  • Further developing mental health kits where professors can find useful resources and share those with their students.

More information can be found on Instagram: @harloeforsenate. 

Alayna Odom

Alayna Odom

Alayna Odom.

A third-year neurobiology major, Odom is running on a platform that focuses on mental health, sustainability and diversity and inclusion. 

Odom’s initiatives include: 

  • Making gender-neutral language a standard on campus as well as investigating UC’s gender-inclusive policies to make sure they’re up to snuff. 
  • Designing a survey aimed at voicing student concerns about the culture on campus. 
  • Exploring options regarding discounted mental health services and reviewing policies concerning the encouragement of students to seek out mental health resources. 
  • Collaborating with student organizations on sustainability initiatives. 
  • Launching an educational initiative aimed at explaining how students can reduce energy consumption, food waste and plastic waste. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @senatorodom.

Isaac Smitherman 

Isaac Smitherman

Isaac Smitherman.

A third-year environmental major, Smitherman is a Cincinnati native running on a platform of inclusivity, sustainability and mental health. 

Smitherman is the current SG treasurer and a 2020-21 member on the Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget. 

Smitherman’s initiatives include: 

  • Working with the Wellness Center to expand educational resources about cannabis as well as talking with university administrators about cannabis’ future on campus. 
  • Creating a new student-centered diversity assessment by working with the Office of Equity and Inclusion and the Title IX office. 
  • Establishing an advocacy group for composting policies on and off campus. 
  • Collaborating with the city of Cincinnati to dedicate a day in May to raising awareness about student mental health. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @smitherman4sal.

Allison Rodusky

Allison Rodusky

Allison Rodusky.

A third-year communications major, Rodusky’s platform centers around inclusivity, health, sustainability and studying. 

She currently serves as SG’s director of community affairs, but she also serves as an academic coach at the Learning Commons and as secretary and treasurer for UC NutriEd.

Rodusky’s initiatives include: 

  • Highlighting minority organizations and offices on campus that are often not given the spotlight. 
  • Providing breast cancer screenings and education to local women who lack adequate access to healthcare. 
  • Setting up clothing donation bins and monthly food drives on campus. 
  • Making it easier to book study rooms using the 25Live site. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @roduskyforsal. 

Manu Nedunuri 

Manu Nedunuri

Manu Nedunuri.

Nedunuri is a second-year biological sciences major who is running on a platform centered largely around accessibility. 

She currently serves as a senator on SG’s Student Safety Board but has also been involved in Refuge UC, Zeta Tau Alpha and GlobeMed. 

Nedunuri’s initiatives include:

  • Improving access to women’s health resources.
  • Providing residence hall emergency kits and commuter lockers.
  • Installing cameras in parking garages. 
  • Working with internet and energy provides to get discounted services for students. 
  • Improving campus transportation apps. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @manu4senate.

Janice Rotich

Janice Rotich

Janice Rotich.

A second-year political science and Africana studies major, Rotich is a Texas native with experience working in the federal government. 

Her affiliations include serving as director of Black Student Affairs for SG, student chair of the Department of Political Science Student Advisory Council on Inclusive Excellence and as a student ambassador for the Department of Africana Studies. 

Rotich’s initiatives include: 

  • Increasing recruitment of joint-appointment professors to increase students’ access to social justice curriculum. 
  • Introducing a university-wide anti-racism course that’s required for graduation. 
  • Improving integration of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
  • Prioritizing funding for campus identity-based centers. 
  • Recognizing cultural holidays on the university calendar. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @jan4sal. 

Yulia Martinez 

Yulia Martinez

Yulia Martinez.

A first-generation Mexican immigrant, Martinez is running on a platform largely centered around accessibility and community service. 

Her associations include serving as an SG senator for the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), an officer in the CEAS Tribunal and as a CEAS ambassador. 

Martinez’s initiatives include: 

  • Increasing accessibility to Bearcat Pantry donations by tabling in the Tangeman University Center. 
  • Creating more navigational resources to help students find their way on campus. 
  • Hosting a week-long donation service during move-out week so students can donate items that would otherwise be thrown out. 
  • Creating a second meal plan option for students with a monthly grocery stipend. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @yulia4sal. 

Saad Khan 

Saad Khan

Saad Khan. 

A second-year finance and business analytics major from Mason, Ohio, Khan is running on a platform centered around mental health, student connectivity and improved campus services. 

His affiliations include Neo Consulting and the university honors program. 

Khan’s initiatives include: 

  • Working with UC Food Services and local restaurants to bring catered options to dining halls. 
  • Creating a website with resources for first and second-year students that will connect them with other like-minded individuals on campus. 
  • Increasing awareness about on-campus mental health services. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @saad4senate. 

Dillon Trafzer 

Dillon Trafzer

Dillon Trafzer. 

A fourth-year political science major, Trafzer’s platform centers around safety, inclusion, accessibility, revenue and quality of campus life. 

His affiliations include service as vice president of the UC model United Nations as well as being a member of two fraternities, Phi Lambda Phi and Phi Alpha Delta. 

Trafzer’s initiatives include: 

  • Creating a mandatory anti-hazing course for all Greek Life organizations on campus.  
  • Including closed captioning on all screens on campus. 
  • Creating a course that teaching life necessities such as filing taxes, properly using a credit card and applying for a mortgage.
  • Purchasing a “spirit rock” that will be placed near Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena. 

More information can be found on Instagram @senatortrafzer. 

Ahsan Subzwari 

Ahsan Subzwari

Ahsan Subzwari.

A third-year aerospace engineering major from Dayton, Ohio, Subzwari is running on a platform that centers around diversity and inclusion and expanding campus services. 

His affiliations include SG, the CEAS Tribunal, CEAS ambassadors and the Student Alumni Council. 

Subzwari’s initiatives include:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion training time for registered student organizations and amending organization bylaws to ensure training continues. 
  • Working with the Office of Institutional Research to conduct diversity assessments for college tribunals and Greek Life.
  • Expanding Lyft services on campus. 
  • Collaborating with UC officials to expand professional development classes. 
  • Offering more resources for students through the university’s libraries. 

More information can be found on Instagram: @subzwari4senate. 

Dhathruthv Baddam

Baddam is running for senator-at-large, but so far his campaign has yet to release information on campaign initiatives.