Many people have taken on the spiritual practice of crystals. They incorporate these stones, and the energy associated with them, into day-to-day life.

In Courtney Klebau’s room, nestled next to her vanity, sits a glistening pink stone. At first glance, the rock seems like an unassuming, ornate decoration. To Klebau, this crystal means so much more. The stone she keeps here is called rose quartz and it’s believed to bring energies surrounding self-love and beauty. 

Klebau, a fifth-year fine arts student at the University of Cincinnati, tactfully stores her stone here to serve as a reminder to herself of these energies present in her daily life. She, like many others, has taken on the spiritual practice of crystals. She incorporates these stones, and the energy associated with them, into her day-to-day life.

“Currently, I use crystals as tools to help guide and focus meditations or reflections,” said Klebau. “They serve as a reminder of goals and qualities I want to attract and pursue.”

Tik Tok has become a powerful resource for people to learn more about the different characteristics of crystals and ways to utilize the various energies associated with them. Klebau speculates that this trend, alongside the unknown that came with the pandemic, is why so many people have begun collecting and learning more about them. 

With this rise in popularity, though, comes misinformation and wild speculation about the authenticity of these beliefs. Many people will often cast doubts at the ideas held about the spirituality associated with crystals, but Klebau has learned to pay no mind to this.

“I think people use crystals for different reasons that are all valid, but it’s really easy to take a certain belief about crystals and turn it into something extreme and use it to invalidate practices,” said Klebau. “People need to do their own research and read all different types of thinking and practices.”

This research has led Klebau to an exploration in mindfulness. She channels the energies associated with the stones to lead to a more open mind and new perspectives. 

“They’ve introduced a different form of exploration of myself and the world around me,” said Klebau.

She has long held this interest in crystals. Her fascination with the topic began back in elementary school. As she’s grown older, she has slowly been able to build her collection and collect knowledge about how crystals and their properties are used worldwide. Currently, her favorite stone is labradorite.

“I’m really interested in the formation of them and how different cultures and practices use crystals historically and how I can use them as a tool to help myself and others,” said Klebau.

The rise of popularity in crystals has also provided more open conversations about how people channel their spirituality and what tools can be used when self-reflecting. In a time when the world seems to get scarier and more hectic everyday, having a tool you can quite literally keep in your pocket is desirable to many.

While spirituality can be a big factor for many who wish to explore crystals, it’s equally as popular to collect the items from purely an aesthetic interest. This attractive use of crystals is still valid to users like Klebau.

“I think people are interested in crystals for many different reasons and it feels invalidating to boil it down to either appearances or purpose, especially when attraction is fluid,” said Klebau.

“I think if you’re interested, I would tell people to do their own research and read all different types of thinking and practices,” Klebau continued. “There is so much information out there, and it really comes down to what you want to get out of the experience or practice.”