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University of Cincinnati President Neville Pinto announcedThursday that the university selected Kristi A. Nelson, Ph.D., to serve as UC’s new senior vice president for academic affairs and university provost. 

In the past, Nelson has served as dean of two of UC’s colleges. In 2012, Nelson served in the College of Nursing as an administrator. She was an associate dean in DAAP before her time in the college of nursing. Then, from November 2013 until December 2014, she served as interim dean for the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. 

In October, Nelson returned to UC out of a two-year retirement to serve as interim provost. According Pinto, Nelson served 36 years as a faculty member within DAAP. After her term as a faculty member, she served 15 years as senior vice provost, and later as a chief advisor to the provost. She was also involved in advising and administrating roles across UC.

Nelson was selected after Pinto and the Board of Trustees conducted a nationwide search for qualified people for the position. She is well-versed and qualified with decades of experience in the administrative, educational and financial aspects of the University of Cincinnati, Pinto said.

“It became increasingly clear to me that UC’s long-term future would be best served with a near-term focus on stability, continuity, deep knowledge and immediate impact,” Pinto wrote in an email sent to the UC community. “With that ideal bridge in mind, I knew that no leader was better equipped or positioned to advance UC than Dr. Nelson.”

According to Pinto’s email, Nelson will serve as provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs in a three-year term that runs through December 2020.