In honor of breast cancer awareness, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center unveiled a 40-foot pink ribbon in front of the main UC hospital building Saturday.

“This is a very exciting time for breast cancer care in our region,” said Elyse Lower, director of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute.

The ribbon signifies UC Health’s and the Cincinnati Cancer Institute’s commitment to raising breast cancer awareness, and the groups’ support for those who have breast cancer or are in remission.

“This ribbon helps us all remember how important that is, and to make women aware of how important it is to get breast imaging and do breast exams on a regular basis,” Lower said.

The National Quality Measures for Breast Centers program recently recognized the UC Cancer Institute as a Certified Breast Cancer Center of Excellence.

“We recently received he highest level of commendation,” Lower said, “and we’re the only one in our region to receive this.”

She said the institute’s success is due to efficient care performed by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals.

“This ribbon helps us all to celebrate all of our efforts so we now can provide dedicated, streamline, interdisciplinary cancer care for our patients,” Lower said.

The ribbon will be displayed in front of the main UC hospital building at 234 Goodman St. throughout October.