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Neville Pinto, president of the University of Cincinnati.

Ever wonder how much your professors earn? Now, it’s easier than ever to find out.

Here is the updated salary database for every University of Cincinnati employee — not including adjunct faculty — using data from 2018. Use the tool below to find wage information for any UC faculty or staff member who received a salary from the university last year.

UC employees included in this report earned an average salary of $136,159.06 in 2018. The highest-paid employee before bonuses was UC President Neville Pinto, who earned $660,000.00.

Pinto’s salary is more than 50 percent higher than that of former UC President Santa Ono, who made $427,518 in his final year at UC. Ono declined salary increases throughout his time at the university.

Other top-paid employees include:

  • No. 2: Mike Bohn, athletic director | $552,040.44
  • No. 3: Kristi Nelson, provost | $489,600.00
  • No. 4: Karl Schaefer, chief investment officer | $438,600.00

The data provides accounts only for salaries — not any additional compensation, which may include bonuses. Mick Cronin, former men’s basketball coach, made $2,217,465 after bonuses in 2018, according to USA Today.

Out of the top 100 highest earners, nearly 4 in 10 are professors. The average salary of the top 100 earners at UC is $272,353.31.