Yoga for the soul

Maria Murillo, an instructor for Yoga for the Soul, leads a yoga session for UC students in the TUC atrium Thursday afternoon. (The News Record | Alexandra Taylor)

The University of Cincinnati has a fantastic rec center that is free to students, but “gymtimidation” can prevent some people from getting a good workout. If you’re not fond of hitting the gym, it can be hard to find other ways to get your sweat on.

Enter YouTube’s vast collection of workout videos.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, so here’s a few suggestions to spice up your dorm room workout journey.

“6 Minute Arm Workout | Tone and Strengthen” by Alivia D’Andrea

Trying to exercise your arms without using weights? This is the video for you. D’Andrea guides viewers through a quick, no-equipment workout that will make you feel the burn. From arm circles to tricep dips, there are a variety of exercises to keep you busy. Some of them seem questionable, but you can always replace them with extra dips — or, if you have weights, you can sub in a weight circuit.

“Fat Burning Cardio + Core | Apartment Friendly Workout” by Blogilates

Disclaimer: This girl is a bit much with the explanation and “encouragement,” but the workout is worth it. Plus, she has a fun playlist in the background that makes her overenthusiastic attitude slightly more bearable.

The workout requires minimal jumping, which is nice for your downstairs neighbors. The exercises are not very intense, but they’ll get your heart pumping. There are side lunge touches, plank walk openers, knee walk squats and more.

“Dorm Room Yoga | 30 Minute Yoga Workout Video for Small Spaces” by Yoga with Adriene

Is cardio not your style? Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. You can even use your bed as your mat — and if you’re worried about balancing, one section is done in a chair. Yoga is about modifying to your own strengths and abilities, after all.

Adriene is incredibly calming. By the end of the video, it feels like you’ve completed a two-in-one yoga class and therapy session.


Anne Simendinger has been with The News Record since 2017 as a staff reporter, digital producer, and life and arts editor. She is the Cincinnati senior editor for BroadwayWorld and the Scripps Howard Communication Intern for Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati.