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“Out of Body” DAAP exhibition runs through Thursday

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Expanding off of a written work, “The Language of the Body,” by Kathy Acker, the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning developed a new exhibition titled “Out of Body” for the final week of the semester.

The open reception took place Tuesday evening, where guests gathered in the DAAP building to view displays in different locations of the building.

While the one-night reception took place Tuesday, the exhibition will stay standing through Thursday, giving the displays a three-day opportunity to be seen by students and faculty.

The many students involved in the artwork shown include Aubrey Theobald, Sammi Hayes, Kimmia Crossty, Alexa Hamilton, Aaron Burns, Anna Stevens, Jon Alexander, Sarah Long, Kelly Hayes, Hank Beyer, Tony Parel and Morgan Eyring, who all collaborated on the four art displays.

“Out of Body” touches into humanity and human experiences outside of normal society, and connects to the nature of animals, outer space and its possible inhabitants and other forms of life.

“The whole exhibition was based on putting the viewer in the mindset of something other than the human body, i.e. a bird, porcupine, alien, dreaming,” said Sarah Long, a fourth year installation art student, who participated in creating the art piece, “ Spaceshift.”

The other three displays were scattered throughout the building. With one laying in the sculpture hallway, titled “Through the Eyes of an Alien,” another in the sculpture crit room, titled “Porcupine” and in the final in the third floor atrium entrance, titled “Sanctuary. 

According to Long, the display with the most success was “Porcupine,” a work created out of metal, rope and painted canvas. Aubrey, Theobald, Aaron Burns and Sammi Hayes created the piece, all apart of the installation art program in DAAP.  

Although the artists endured struggled while creating the art pieces, including weather destruction from outdoor pieces, and different ideas wanting to be expressed, the group created an exhibition that went beyond the expectations of viewers.

“My project was literally timbered in the storm the other night. We brought it back to life but it was irreversibly damaged,” said Long.

The Tuesday night reception took place from 5-7 p.m. and put a closing to the end of the semester and year for many DAAP students who participated in exhibitions throughout the year.

Other exhibitions that have taken place during the semester included “Better Than Art,” hosted by DAAP for the Mid Western College Art Association. Modern Makers, who highlights artists all over the country, hosted the piece and featured the works of 42 UC and Miami University of Ohio students.