Dorm room horror stories

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When I came to the University of Cincinnati, I skipped the dorm life and moved right into off-campus housing with five of my close friends. While the two years spent in that house was a lot of fun, I never felt like I received a true college dorm experience.

I would hear stories from my peers in class about the crazy things that happened in their dorms, and while I could share some of my own off-campus experiences, it didn’t feel the same. This pushed me to ask UC students for some of their crazy experiences.

Every student on campus has heard of Daniels or more commonly referred to as “Dirty Daniels,” so how does a student dorm receive this name? Shannon O’Connor, a second-year nursing student, lived in Daniels her freshman year, and can recall more than a few “dirty” situations within the dorm.

“I’d say it is dirty because the kids make it dirty. Like, I have so many stories,” said O’Connor.

She then recounts times where students peed all over the stairs and would throw food in the hallways. To make it worse, O’Connor said that bathrooms would only be cleaned on Mondays, leaving puke in the sinks all weekend. One time there was even a dirty tampon left in the shower.

All of these situations experienced by O’Connor in her freshman year are more than enough for everyone to agree that “Dirty Daniels” is more than an appropriate name for the dorm. But, there was one more story that really validated the title.

“One time on someone’s floor — I think the third — someone was so out of it, that they pooped in the hallway and it sat there for hours,” said O’Connor.

For Laura Hofmeyer, a third-year nursing major, her experience with dorm life was not nearly as traumatizing. Sure, she got stuck in the elevator a lot and there was the occasional run-in with a coed on her way to the shower in a towel, but nothing too horrific.

“We had plenty of theft in our building, and my roommate’s friend got white paint all over my black North Face. That was a nightmare,” said Hofmeyer. “But that was it; there weren’t really any major horror stories.”

While a few of these stories are rather nauseating, none of them are too horrific, and are slightly expected from freshman students who are unable to handle their first real taste of independence. However, there were some students, who wish to remain anonymous, that experienced more serious situations.

“One time, a coke dealer brought over an ounce of coke into our room, and another time on a Tuesday, a bunch of kids popped Xanax at 2 p.m. and started drinking, and didn’t remember a thing from that night,” the anonymous source said.

It is stories like these that I would constitute as horror stories in the dorm room. Situations that can quickly get out of hand and turn into one of the fatal stories of college students who died of alcohol poisoning or OD during their freshman year of college. So, one must always be smart and aware of whom they are inviting into their room, as well as who they surrounding themselves with.