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College to Career Tip Workshops

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Julia Montier-Ball has been a career coach and adjunct instructor for the Career Development Center for fifteen years. 

The Career Development Center (CDC) gives sixteen “College to Career Tip Workshops” each semester.

“The employer’s needs and wants are the most important thing during an interview” said Montier-Ball during her Tuesday visit to TUC. “So make sure you do your research about the company before the interview.”

During the presentation, she gave tips on how to stand out and the “what not to dos” during an interview process.

One included beginning an interview with small banter and a handshake.

“This is a time to have a deep breath before the questioning,” said Montier-Ball.

During the presentation she gives examples of common interview questions and how to answer them. They are as follows:

The News Record: Give an example of a time in which you overcame a challenge?

Julia Montier-Ball: This is question aimed towards a job. Do not think because they did not say workplace, there is room to talk about outside challenges. Talk about your last job, but only focus on you as an individual. They are looking to hire you, not your whole last company.

TNR: Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.

JMB: This is a time where you get to show off your abilities, but be careful not to be too knowledgeable as that comes off as you have nothing to gain or learn by coming to this company. Now it’s time to say a weakness, but how can a weakness be good? A weakness is a time to show you are able to learn from past experiences and make them better. Be sure to aim your weakness to your desired job field. Think about what would be expected for your major.

TNR: What experience do you have that would benefit our company?

JMB: For most of us, we are in college, maybe with a one or two internships under our belts, but do not down play the amount of experience that you gain from these opportunities. Refrain from words like: just or only. Those show sense of self doubt. We live in a performance-based world.

Very similar to LinkedIn, employers go through this website specifically looking to hire UC graduates for entry-level jobs of all types.

For more information regarding career coaching, visit, and click Career Coaching.