With Halloween just around the corner, it is now the memorable time of the year to watch everyone pretend to be something they are not for a weekend. 

For many, a day can't officially begin without a cup of coffee in hand. It jumpstarts the process of waking up with a hit of caffeine. In particular, within the past year, a student's drink of choice has gravitated to cold brew, a coffee that has come to beat the rest due to its rich flavor …

As the first half of the semester comes to a close, the feeling of being closer to the finish line is trumped by midterms.

Living on campus at a public university is a hard decision to make during a pandemic. Being a freshman and craving that sense of freedom became a risk I was willing to take. With that high risk in place, after all the caution I took, I still wound up with COVID-19. 

While students get accustomed to the social distancing guidelines on campus this semester, some are confronted with an even harsher reality as a consequence of the coronavirus.