The Hamilton County coroner's office has officially attributed 45-year-old Kelly Brinson's death to natural causes.

Brinson was in the psychiatric treatment wing of University Hospital and later died after going into cardiac arrest following a confrontation with hospital staff and police officers.

Although Brinson's death was announced Saturday, Jan. 23, his cause of death was not determined until late March due to coroner-run testings like toxicology.

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Brinson, who admitted himself to the hospital for mental health reasons, was being led to an examination room and allegedly grew agitated and attempted to assault one of his escorts.

Although hospital security workers and staff were present, the University of Cincinnati Police Division was called in to help subdue Brinson, who had reportedly used his arm — which was covered in a cast caused by an unrelated incident — to injure those around him.

In the staff's attempt to bring Brinson under control, UCPD Officer Mark Zacharias deployed his stun gun. Hospital security and staff then brought Brinson into the examination room where he was reported to be cognizant and speaking with people around him.

Despite the final ruling, a death by ""natural causes"" might be attributed to preexisting conditions such as diseases and is a term also used if a cause of death cannot be clearly defined.