Beelistic’s three locations keep UC covered

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Beelistic’s Tattoo and Piercings on West Clifton Avenue has been inking up University of Cincinnati students and city residents since 2004, having opened up two more locations around Clifton in the years since.

It is by far the most well known tattoo and piercing shop in the area, proven when UC students voted it as the area’s best tattoo shop. 

Kris Richter settled in Cincinnati to be the operations manager at Beelistic’s after traveling through the tattoo communities of North America to educate people on tattoo quality and safety. 

She now oversees all three locations.

Richter spoke with The News Record about the importance of tattoo safety, Cincinnati’s tattoo culture and why she believes Beelistic’s is unique to other tattoo and piercing parlors around the area.

The News Record: Do you feel like Beelistic’s has high standards when it comes to quality and safety?

Kris Richter: Absolutely. Or else I wouldn’t work with them. Quality and safety are the two things that you really need to be concerned about when getting a tattoo.

There are a couple different kinds of tattoo studios out there. One type will take all of your money. And the other kind gives a s*** — we are one of those ones. 

We don’t have fancy deals, we don't do “buy one get one free” stuff. We just put out quality work. If anyone were to walk into our studio and ask about health and safety, all of our artists and piercers would be happy to speak to it. 

First thing you should always worry about in a tattoo parlor is safety, then quality. All of our artists produce quality work, and that is important because anyone can pick up a machine and start messing around, but it takes experience and talent to produce real quality work. 

TNR: What are your thoughts on Cincinnati’s tattoo culture? 

KR: It’s pretty much the same as everywhere. I’ve seen tattoo communities all over North America and ours is right on par when it comes to clients and shops.

One of the main reasons I moved here to work at Beelistic’s, though, is that it is such a prominent studio in town, and I’d like to use all the education I have to help influence the community to get more quality tattoos. 

Cincinnati also has some great tattoo artists. There is a great history — Bee, our owner has a great history here. But, there are also artists like Dana Bunson, at Designs by Dana, and he’s a living legend in the tattoo community. So, there are some really cool aspects about the city here.

TNR: Do you feel like tattoos and piercings are integral to a lot of people’s college experience? 

KR: Maybe not just the college experience, but just becoming an adult. When you turn 18, you are able to do whatever you want with your body and with anything, really. And that is really exciting. Tattoos and piercing are there and have always been through every culture in history, so they are definitely there in our culture, now.