IT movie

"It" is a film series of two American horror films based on the original novel by Stephen King.

Halloween is on its way and it’s time for pumpkin everything and horror movies. Here are some of the top Stephen King adaptation movies to get you in the spooky spirit. 

“The Shining” and “Doctor Sleep”

From the plot of the writer’s block, to a kid with foresight, “The Shining” has all the interest. As if the first one wasn’t enough, there is a part two by the name of “Doctor Sleep.” Despite the influence of the film, among fans of the book series, the movies are respectable as stand alone adaptations considering how far they deviate from the book. 

“Children of the Corn”

People being snatched through the ground and kidnapped in a corn field ring a bell? If not, all that is needed to describe this movie is the iconic one-liner: “I’ve come for the children.”


Pennywise has haunted people’s nightmares since people first laid eyes on this movie. By my personal preferences in terms of the first part of each rendition – and I am not alone in saying this despite not having seen the whole series – the original was much more bone-chilling in the first half. 

“Cat’s Eye”

For those who don’t know, cat’s eye is a collection of three short stories, all intertwined by the presence of a cat. This is one of my personal favorites and still sits to this day on my grandmother’s shelf alongside the next two I’m going to mention.

“Salem’s Lot”

In most vampire movies, the vampire is always some rich charmer, lure brides to his lair, right? Wrong. This movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” preserves the ultimate horror of the vampire, not only portraying him as the most hideous vampire in movie history, but also he does not live in a mansion and manages to take over the town in a pattern anyone would relate to a zombie apocalypse. 

“Creepshow” 1 & 2

Talk about karma. This 1982 collection of short stories, adopted for television, makes sure to each of the wronged comes the revenge in some horror inducing ways. They all have their own version of terrorizing vengeance. To top it off, the stories themselves are co-written by the writer and maker of the original “Night of the Living Dead.” 

“Bag of Bones”

Speaking of TV series adaptations, this one is sure to thrill you. The mystery of a town curse unravels into the narrative of a whole generation of dads. Note, there is some sensitive material here. 

“Silver Bullet”

Yet another cult classic. This is the sort of horror flick your parents were probably raised on, but let’s be honest, it’s too good to avoid. 

“The Stand”

“The Stand” about Stephen King’s classic characterization – a writer with writer’s block who eventually gets into trouble. However, in this story, the story comes to life, leaving the main character with a murderous twin. Who will win the war of identity?

“Rose Red”

Rose red is yet another TV adaptation. It starts with a paranormal experiment, but then everything goes wrong. I’m not providing any serious spoilers here – as you could have guessed—but I will tell you that each character has their own version of interesting and there are some major plot twists. This film is highly suggested this if you are into older mystery horror.  


Despite the cheesy effects, there is plenty of plot to this, not to mention the memorable soundtrack and ending scene. The main character confronts an ancient alien vampire cat species that lives on energy vamping. Unfortunately for the species, they do have a weakness.

Bonus — “Nightmare on Elm Street”

Although not a Stephen King movie, I would also suggest the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series. It gets cheesier as the series drags on, but for those into cheesy dark humor and chilling kill scenes, this is the series for you. Arguably, it is the uniqueness of that character that keeps the series alive and kicking. There is lots of profanity, some nudity and some salaciousness, not to mention the gore factor.