Whether you’re able to make it out amid the inches of snow piling at our doorsteps, there’s no lack of events going on at UC and in Cincinnati to keep you busy. Check out some of these events going on this week, both online and off. 

Whether you’re spending the Valentine’s Day single, with your friends, with a partner or any other loved one, there’s not a lack of things to get up to this week. Get out and stay busy with some of these fun events.  

The snow of last week might still be on the ground, but it’s a new week with new things to do. Here’s some exciting events you can take part in this week when you’ve got a moment or two to break between classes. 

As the temperatures continue to drop and we find ourselves even deeper in winter, it can feel difficult to make yourself get out of the house. We’ve found some events that you can join from inside the warmth of your home, or that might make you consider stepping out the door into the frigid …

The first week of classes has flown by and hopefully you’re feeling more at ease about the work to come, so why not get out and take a break to relax? We’ve found some events around Cincinnati this week that are sure to bring your spirits up about this semester.