Fantastic Mr. Fox

Movie-lovers have long adored the eclectic animation style, warm autumnal tones and charming story of one of Wes Anderson's most iconic films to date, Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

With October’s arrival and a little chill to the air that seems to drop lower in temperature every day, the arrival of fall has now become inevitable. Pack up your sandals and denim cut-offs, it's time for thick woolen sweaters and warm, snug boots. In celebration, we've compiled a list of some of the greatest movies for you to snuggle up and binge and to compliment the coming season.

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009)

Movie-lovers have long adored the eclectic animation style, warm autumnal tones and charming story of one of Wes Anderson's most iconic films to date. Mr. Fox cannot resist rebounding to his animal instincts when it comes to his nasty neighbors, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. He risks it all, including his marriage and his animal friends' livelihood, to raid the farm next door. He comes to find himself in an unthinkable situation, faced with the task of saving his community from the irate retaliation they face in consequence of his actions.

"Planes, Trains & Automobiles" (1987)

Steve Martin plays Neal Page, a market executive with a temperamental attitude, who is just trying to get home in time to be with his wife and kids for Thanksgiving. However, a series of unfortunate events, including delayed plane rides, broken-down trains and frequent car troubles, continually lead him to the company of an outgoing, albeit slightly annoying, shower-ring salesman. Together, they work to overcome the insanity of terrible coincidences and make it home in time for turkey. 

"The Addams Family" (1991)

It's become impossible to get past Halloween without seeing any reference to the Addams Family; Wednesday Addams alone has become a token costume for the season. Get back to the roots of the quirky family's odd traditions, looks and living conditions with a watch of "The Addams Family." 

"Coraline" (2009)

The parallel universe Coraline discovers while exploring her new home transforms into the creepiest and most dangerous of situations when the other family she's met become determined to keep her there forever. The stop-motion animation's uneasy movements and the trademark button eyes that the movie has become so well-known for have allowed "Coraline" to become a classic for the Halloween season.

"Good Will Hunting" (1997)

"Good Will Hunting" tells the story of Will Hunting, a mathematical genius who chooses to put his talents aside in his work as a janitor at MIT. The emotional rollercoaster begins when his brilliance is discovered by a professor at the college, who then encourages him to apply his talent to good use and face the problems that he's created for himself in his life. This movie was practically made for you to be cuddled up under a blanket with a box of tissues at your side.

"Twitches" (2005)

“Twitches” is a sweet Disney film that tells a story of magic, fantasy and sisterly love. Twin sisters Alex and Camryn were separated as babies when brought to Earth from the magical dimension known as Coventry. When they run into each other at the mall just days before their 21st birthday, by what seems like chance, they discover their biological relation and the magical powers they possess. Together, they must use their powers to vanquish the darkness threatening to take over Coventry. 

"When Harry Met Sally" (1989)

Can men and women ever just be friends? This question prompts the entirety of Harry and Sally's relationship, or lack thereof. The debate begins during a car ride post-graduation and continues as they find themselves running into each other again and again throughout their lives, and as they begin their search for love. Can Harry and Sally maintain a solid friendship, or is it destined to become something more? 

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (1966)

Charlie Brown and all of his Peanuts friends have become a critical part of the holiday season over the last 40 years. The goofy storyline has enticed viewers for decades; Snoopy spoiling the Halloween party, Charlie Brown receiving rocks in his trick-or-treat bag and Linus staying up for hours in the pumpkin patch waiting for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. It's simply a fall classic that shouldn't be overlooked. 

"St. Elmo's Fire" (1985)

A group of seven friends — freshly graduated from college and forced into the world of adulthood — come face-to-face with a new level of responsibility. All drastically different in personality and disposition, the movie will always keep you on your toes as it jumps from one character to the next and begs to question if the group can maintain their friendships as they enter an entirely new chapter of their lives.