Cilantro returns (copy)

Cilantro, located at the corner of Jefferson and W. McMillan Streets in Clifton, reopened over summer 2018. The restaurant is headed by its original owner, Darren Phan, and executive chef, Shelbi Nation, who is an alumna of UC.

Ah, University Heights. It’s where students swarm every day during the semester — a place where every type of cuisine is accounted for, and where everyone is usually hungry.

Luckily, we have all your hunger pangs covered with this roundup of the many different places to grab a bite in Clifton.

Adeep India

Supposedly, there’s a secret spice level one can request. But for the spice-noobs, Adeep offers a scale of 1-6 and all the traditional Indian dishes one could wish for. Fan-favorite cuisines include chicken tikka masala, vegetable samosas and saag paneer.

The restaurant serves up delicious naan bread with each dish at lunch, and it’s always a welcome side dish for any other meal. Check it out at 211 W. McMillan St.

Tea n’ Bowl Asian Food and Bubble Tea

Whether you’re in the mood for noodles or bubble tea, Tea n’ Bowl — as the name suggests — can curb those cravings. Feeling adventurous? Try some stir-fried pork intestine with sour cabbage. Or delight in one of the restaurant’s classic, tried-and-true favorites, like wonton noodle soup and a Boba milk tea. Try it today at 211 W. McMillan St. — right next to Adeep India.

Cactus Pear

If you’re willing to venture a little further off campus, head to Jefferson Avenue and let the neon sign be a guide into the land of yummy tacos that is Cactus Pear. Pork belly tacos and spicy shrimp are just a few of its specialties, and the margaritas don’t disappoint either. If the table has room for dessert, try the flan — it’s the perfect end to a deliciously “un-prickly” meal. If you haven’t tried it, head over to 3215 Jefferson Ave. and give it a taste.

Cilantro Vietnamese

Pho real, Cilantro is heaven on earth. The classic meal is, of course, pho, but the sate soup or stir-fry is not to be missed. The soft rolls and grilled pork kebabs are excellent sides to a bun noodles bowl, and Cilantro has the vegan hook-up as well with its mouthwatering vegan soup. Grab a bowl and try it for yourself at 235 W. McMillan St.

Chicago Gyros and Dogs

The true “gyros” of Greek eats, Chicago Gyros and Dogs, is no frills and all thrills. With five different types of gyros, a super Greek salad, a gyro provolone cheeseburger, loaded fries and falafel, this place has it all. Located at 201 W. McMillan St., this laid back, affordable eatery does Greek just right.

Island Frydays

Serving up some amazing Jamaican cuisine, Island Frydays at 2826 Vine St. whips up killer food for killer prices. Gobble down a jerk sandwich and a side of yellow rice or Jamaican greens. Don’t forget dessert — you won’t want to miss out on the sweet rolls.

Thai Express

Get the Pad Thai — trust me. With generous portion sizes, this place delivers the express train of affordable, yummy Thai food. Many dishes are allergen-friendly, too. The veggie spring rolls and hot and sour soup never disappoint, and the wait time is always short. Check it out at 213 W. McMillan St.

Floyd’s of Cincinnati

Serving cream-filled Lebanese pancakes, spicy musakaa, flaky baklava filled with walnuts, fluffy Pita bread and lemony tabbouleh, Floyd’s at 127 Calhoun St. is sure to satisfy those Mediterranean cravings.