Dent Schoolhouse

Spooky season is upon us. While for some of us, it may include pumpkin picking, apple cider and sweater weather, others may spend their time trying to get that classic adrenaline rush by walking through haunted houses.

Here are some out-of-the-ordinary haunted house experiences told by UC students:

I was hustling down a ramp when I turned the corner and grabbed onto the railing. There was something sharp that cut my hand. A man in zombie character handed me a tissue and said that I needed to ‘cover up the scent of my blood’ so that I wouldn't attract his ‘scarier friends.’ I still have the scar from the cut on my hand. — Leah Engler, second-year medical sciences student

I was at a haunted house with my friends and a couple of our moms. First of all, one of my friends’ mom is so extra and got us a limo to get there and pick us up. The moms had been drinking wine beforehand and they had a little too much. As we were going through the house, a clown jumped out and scared us. One of my friends’ mom ended making out with him! — Natalie Parks, third-year communications student

I went with my friends to a haunted house in Columbus and we both had our hair in buns. The people the entire time just started squeezing our buns. They didn’t even scare us in any other way. They just played with our hair the whole time. It was so weird. — Fiona Lowe, second-year Digital Media Collaborative (DMC) student

In fourth grade, I was going through a haunted maze with my best friend and my stepdad. Three feet into the maze, a clown with a chainsaw started scaring my friend. She started crying and we ended up turning around, but the clown still chased her. My step dad asked the clown to stop, to which the clown replied with, `I'm just doing my job, man.’ He kept scaring my friend and my stepdad had enough. He punched the clown in the face and we got kicked out of the place. — Carmen Seybert, second-year Digital Media Collaborative (DMC) student

My sister and her soccer team went to a haunted house a few years ago. The workers knew she was the one that was scared the most out of all of her teammates. When they were in line to get into the haunted house, they came up behind her and scared her so much. She sprinted to the portalets and locked herself inside of one until they finished the haunted house. — Lauren Rice, fourth-year electronic media student

I went to a haunted house with people in my research lab, including my boss. While going through it, a lady dressed in all white popped out of nowhere. I slapped her on the cheek because it was my body’s natural reaction! I felt so bad and apologized, but she was very mad and told me that I was extremely rude. I ran away from her after that. — Sohaib Ahmed, third-year neuroscience student

I was going through a haunted trail with my friends and out of nowhere, this guy in his costume scared the heck out of me. I accidentally tripped him and he face planted into the mud! I felt so bad!— Morgan Batcheolor, second-year political science student