Tame Impala

"The Slow Rush" is the fourth studio album by Tame Impala and was released February 14, 2020.

Last Friday, Tame Impala released its fourth album, “The Slow Rush.” Kevin Parker — front man and songwriter — took five years to release this album, which is the largest gap between any one of the band’s albums, giving him time to craft the band’s best album to date.

It is evident that time was on Parker’s mind as he produced this 57-minute futuristic alternative disco masterpiece.

Looking at the titles of the songs, most deal with the abstract idea of time. Parker begins the album with “One More Year” and ends with the track “One More Hour,” highlighting the passage of time throughout the album.

He didn’t stop there with the apparent references to time. Just think about the title of the album: “The Slow Rush.” As the title suggests, this album does feel like a slow rush of time, but not time on Earth.

The album feels almost like you are traveling through a black hole. Time doesn’t feel linear on this album; it feels multi-dimensional. Never-ending but nearly over. 

The album’s themes are almost as multi-dimensional as time itself: family, love, being fearless, pushing the envelope and much more.  In one of the more personal tracks — “Posthumous Forgiveness” — Parker pushes the themes of family, along with time. The song is about the death of Parker’s father, and how he wishes he had more time with him.

“I wanna tell you ’bout the time. Wanna tell you ’bout my life. Wanna play you all my songs,” he sings, referring to how he wishes he still had his Dad around.

It’s these very raw lyrics, coupled with interstellar instrumentation, that makes this album quite complicated. At no point in any of the songs can you truly identify all the song is trying to convey, and why would you want to? That is what makes “The Slow Rush” so unique and worth giving a listen.

You have to take your time with this one. Let yourself be distracted and taken away. Just make sure you come back down to Earth every once and a while to appreciate all that this album brings to the table because it’s worth the time.