How to turn a Red Bike ride into a full day on the town

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Maybe you’re a first-year student who has never had the opportunity to explore Cincinnati’s downtown area, or maybe you’re a senior who has spent the past four years commuting to campus and then bolting home after class, avoiding Cincy city life. Well, some of you may be content to lounge around the wonderful area that Clifton is, but some of us want more options. Lucky for us, our ticket to a downtown adventure only costs $8 and is permanently fixed to the sidewalk in front of campus.


Cincy Red Bikes have been around and expanding since 2014 and represent a lot of opportunity for a college student with some free time. Renting a Red Bike is as simple as renting a day pass online or at a kiosk, and returning the bikes to one of the many stations around the city when you are finished (checking into a kiosk at least once an hour to make sure you’re not jacking the bikes).


Here are a few of the great places that take only minutes to get to on bike from UC’s campus.


Findlay Market

2 miles

15 minutes

END: 1715 Pleasant St. — directly off of Glass Alley on the southern edge of Findlay Market.

Findlay Market is the oldest public market in Cincinnati, made up of over 40 indoor vendors from the area and many others who set up booths outside. You can come here to grocery shop for farm fresh, local deli meats, fruits, vegetables, cheese and plants, as well as a few artisan craft vendors. You can also come down to the bustling market for a delicious lunch of anything from powdered sugar-topped crepes at Taste of Belgium to Pho Lang Thang’s tasty pho.


Eden Park

2.6 miles

20 minutes

END: 2105 Fulton Ave. — near the traffic circle at the entrance of the park.

A staple for anyone who wants to experience Cincinnati’s art scene, Eden Park hold within its borders the trifecta of the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Krohn Conservatory. Not to mention a giant wall you can rappel down with the right equipment, wonderful green space for picnics, a breathtaking view of the Queen City and a huge pond.


Smale Riverfront Park

4.3 miles

30 minutes

END: 5 W Mehring Way — closest road running parallel to the riverfront.

Everyone knows Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove along the riverfront, but Smale Park is a great place for an evening walk or a free concert, too. Directly across the street from Moerlein Lager House, this park is a great way to experience Cincinnati: with a traditional Cincinnati beer and a great view of the river and our neighboring city of Newport.


Fountain Square

2.9 miles

25 minutes

END: 5th Street and Walnut Street — Right next to the square.

Fountain Square represents the beating heart of Cincinnati and hosts a ton of free events throughout the year. From the square, you have access to most of the city within walking distance, so this is a great place to ride into if you are planning on going out drinking or to a concert downtown and don’t feel like wasting your time with parking or Ubers.


Ride: Red Bike Kiosk at 2662 Clifton Ave. $8 per day for unlimited 60-minute rides. Check into a kiosk each hour to renew your bike. $80 annual passes available online at