keystone - 2017

Keystone on Calhoun Street is a great place to take your parents for dinner.

Cincinnati is home to an abundance of good food and drinks, and bars are home to some of the city’s finest culinary creations. But for those under 21, it can be difficult to know which locations will let you enjoy a sober night out.

Here is a list of bars where you and your drinking-age companions can both have a good time.

The Mercer

Nestled in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, this elegant bar serves up classic cocktails and dishes plated with true artistry, including a range of gluten-free options. The Mercer is located at 1324 Vine St., and for those who can legally drink, happy hour is from 4-6 p.m.

Catskeller Campus Pub

Catskeller epitomizes the classic college bar. They serve up nachos, pizza and a fun-filled atmosphere complete with games and live music. Located on the lower level of Tangeman University Center, swing by for a chill Friday night at the University of Cincinnati’s time-honored campus pub.

Horse & Barrel

Located in downtown Cincy and known for its wide selection and affinity for bourbon-based drinks, Horse & Barrel looks a bit like the place Gaston sings his solo. In a good way, of course! Check it out at 625 Walnut St. to enjoy a fun night with friends.

The Vestry

The Vestry is a relatively new addition to Cincy’s bar scene. Tucked away inside a historic German church in OTR, this cozy bar and lounge boasts a beautiful, warm space for a night with friends. Located at 1205 Elm St., The Vestry is open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays with extended weekend hours.


Well-lit and often featuring live music, this upscale bar and lounge welcomes patrons under 21 until 10 p.m. Bring some friends and enjoy the atmosphere at 1101 St. Gregory St. in Mount Adams.

Kaze Sushi Bar and Gastro Pub

Kaze is the place for small bites, mouth-watering sushi and a funky atmosphere. Swing by 1400 Vine St. for happy hour starting at 4 p.m. everyday!

Molly Malone’s

If you’re feeling adventurous and willing to stray from the confines of campus, Molly Malone’s in Covington is the place to go. Enjoy their classic Irish pub food and satisfy your dessert cravings with some mouthwatering bread pudding at 112 E. Fourth St.

Brass Tap

Want to hang out a bit closer to home? The Brass Tap is another classic bar with a varied food menu. They serve customizable quesadillas, hummus, pizza, fish and chips, and steak nachos. Check it out at 251 Calhoun St.

Keystone Bar & Grill

Two words: mac and cheese. Keystone’s eclectic menu features nine versions of the cheesy classic, all named after bands with a tasty twist. It also serves quesadillas, burgers, sandwiches and more. Grab some friends and head to 249 Calhoun St. for a delicious night on the town.

Hangover Easy

Last (but certainly not least!) is Hangover Easy. It’s a breakfast and lunch joint with a plethora of breakfast dishes sure to cure anything you’ve got on your plate. Slide into one of their booths at 13 W Charlton St. and order an Angry Egg or a Black Bean Burger — they’ve got you covered.