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Have you ran out of things to do while staying inside? Here are some new games to keep you and your quarantine crew occupied for the next few weeks.

Have you gone through all of the black cards in Cards Against Humanity? Are you tired of losing to your little sister at Monopoly? If so, here are some new games to keep you and your quarantine crew occupied for the next few weeks.

Messy Twister

While traditional Twister makes people work up a sweat, messy Twister takes the stakes to a whole new level. For this version you’ll still need the game’s board and spinner, with the addition of some kids paint. If kids paint isn’t available, you can always raid your kitchen for some syrup or cool whip. Once you’ve collected all the items and moved them outside, spread out the Twister mat. Then all there is to do is put the paint, syrup or cool whip on each of the mat’s dots and start twisting.

Guess the movie or TV show

If you’re more interested in obscure movies and TV shows than becoming a twisted ball of paint, this game is for you. The rules are simple: someone shows their favorite scene of a movie or TV show on their phone or TV and everyone else has three chances to guess what show or movie the scene is from. The prizes or punishments for this game are limited only by the imagination of those playing, which must be at least two people. This game is even more challenging if there’s multiple generations living under one roof, which could expand the range of movies and TV shows into the early 1900s.

Chopped: COVID-19 edition

Most people have random food in their kitchen, so why not create a cooking competition? In order to get the full Chopped effect, you all will need to round up all the random food in the kitchen that wouldn’t normally go together. Then, you’ll need to designate someone as the judge and decide how long everyone has to cook. All there’s left to do is start cooking and hope you don’t get chopped out of the competition. Once time runs out, contestants present their dishes to the judge to see who won.

Homemade Heads Up

This game is for those who enjoy reminiscing. All you need is tape, a writing utensil, paper and some inside jokes. Have everyone take a few pieces of paper and write events on them that everyone playing was there for. Then put them all in a bowl. Now someone will take a piece of paper out of the bowl and tape it to their head without looking at what’s written on it. After this, everyone else must use inside jokes to tell the person wearing the piece of paper what event is on their forehead. This can be as appropriate or inappropriate as those playing prefer it to be, making it almost as flexible as and chaotic as messy Twister.