Before the review, one thing needs to be clear: "Tenet" is worth seeing, but wait until you can rent or buy it. Despite how good everything else in the movie was, the sound mixing is horrendous.

A classic 90s sitcom just made a massive comeback on Netflix, and this time we “ain’t ever gonna let you go," as the theme song says. As of Sept. 1, all six seasons of “Sister, Sister” are available on the streaming service. 

It’s the first week of school, and since we are amid a global pandemic and probably shouldn’t celebrate by partying this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite, nostalgia-inducing, back-to-school movies for you to stream on your own, or in a safe and small group. 

When a problem arises in the theatre industry, there is a well-known platitude used to provide encouragement and perseverance: “The show must go on.” If a performer gets sick, another performer, the understudy, is ready to go on at a moment’s notice to make sure the curtain still rises and t…