Currito is one of the many dining options available near the University of Cincinnati campus.

With the start of another fall semester, many students and faculty are in desperate search of nearby restaurants that won’t burn holes in their wallets. Luckily, a short walk to any nearby streets can result in some cheap, satisfying food that breaks the monotonous repetition of campus life. Here are five restaurants that are worth the trip:

Krishna Indian Restaurant and Carry Out

Just steps from campus, next to the parking garage on Calhoun Street (near CCM, Calhoun and Siddall Halls), this restaurant has plenty of options. A simple curry sauce with rice and chicken or vegetables can be found for less than $10. Garlic or plain naan is included. The meal is very large (it could easily feed two people!) and considering the price, it’s totally worth it. You will not be disappointed if you enjoy Indian food.


There may be another burrito shop down the street, but Currito knows how to make the experience better. Based in Cincinnati, the food is not much different from a typical build-your-own burrito place, but the locally-sourced food provides a much fresher and tastier experience. Currito is located on the campus side of Calhoun Street, right above Calhoun Garage. Many of its employees are UC students, and nearly all its burrito items are between $8 and $9. If you’re tired of hitting the same old burrito place every week, give Currito a chance to expand your mind — and belly.

Hang Over Easy

Whether you’re here for a late lunch or seeking a quick and easy hangover cure, this breakfast-based restaurant will meet your needs. Situated on the outskirts of campus on West Charlton Street near Jefferson Avenue, this brick-built building has a laid-back atmosphere and incredible food. Most of its morning options run between $8 and $9. The lunch menu is bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for: quantity. Hang Over Easy is the place to go for a hearty breakfast that will keep you coming back for more.


Positioned behind U Square on McMillan, this made-to-order pizza stop is a great place for a quick meal. For just $8 or so, you can get a pizza that comes straight from the oven and into your hands in just 10 minutes. The menu offers “chef-inspired specials” as well as a build-your-own pizza option. It’s a fantastic spot for a simple meal or a swift stop after happy hour at one of Clifton’s many nearby bars.

Skyline Chili

A Cincinnati food list isn’t complete without a mention of Skyline. Found at the corner of Ludlow and Clifton Avenue, the Clifton Skyline may be the best in the city. Most of its menu items range between $2 and $8. But even if you order a mouthwatering 3-, 4- or 5-Way with a cheese coney, you’ll still be under that $10 threshold. It’s a go-to restaurant for lunch and dinner, but it’s also open until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays — an absolute “must” for late-night munchies.

Most of these places are a quick jog from UC’s campus. There are many more restaurants to try around Clifton and Cincinnati, but these are the essentials. So, branch out, try them all — and happy eating.