Dark Colour's newest EP "Animal" enters your ears on a reverberating sonic highway

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Dark Colour Animal

Some of the greatest recent musical acts to come out of Cincinnati have been Indie-Pop bands taking their own spin on the genre—the likes of the flamboyant and unpredictable Foxy Shazam and the silently dancing Walk the Moon come to mind. Electro-Pop band Dark Colour, who released its newest EP Animal on July 8, is no exception.

Electro-lovers will feel at home enveloped within the buzzing keys and reverberating synths of Dark Colour’s music, but it rounds off from the sometimes-harsh cut of typical electronica with thick bass and organic vocals. Each track enters your ears on the swells of an undulating, colorful highway of sound, projecting your mind into an intergalactic headspace where you can do nothing but enjoy frontman Randall Rigdon Jr. whispering sweet nothings into your ears.

Dark Colour is continuing to grow in renown, opening for bands like The Tings Tings and WHY? You may have even heard them over the radio on WNKU, and they continue to receive airplay further and further from Cincinnati as they tour the US and Canada to promote Animal

The tour, Ridgdon Jr. says, has been surreal and awesome, but also a bit rough at times when gigs that the band put a lot of effort into didn't have the greatest turn-outs.

"But we've gotten really great exposure," Rigdon Jr. says. "Our shows in New York were greatly attended, made lots of connections and we introduced ourselves into a lot of new markets. So, it definitely pays off."

This album was about the evolution, both personally and as a band, that Rigdon Jr. and his bandmates—Coleman Williams (guitar), Joesph Sparough (drums), Jeff Dawson (bass)—experienced while creating this album. As Dark Colour continues to tour and gain popularity, it is inevitable that this evolution can only continue. So, keep an ear out for more music by Dark Colour and chill out to some of the catchy love songs piercing through the instrumental pulsations of Animal

Catch the last show of Dark Colour's tour: Third Street Dive, 442 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY, 8 PM Friday August 12. $8. 21+.