Cinci's burlesque troupe performs biggest show ever

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Cincinnati’s sole burlesque troupe, Cin City Burlesque, is putting on their biggest production to date Saturday at Bogart’s.  

The show is comprised entirely of group numbers of up to 13 dancers, which is rather unheard of for a burlesque show. Ginger LeSnapps — founder, choreographer and producer of Cin City Burlesque — said the upcoming show, Mass A-Peel, is a huge undertaking for a burlesque troupe. But throughout Cin City’s eight years of dancing together, they have been heavily focused on group routines.

“This show will consist entirely of group numbers, from top to bottom,” LeSnapps said. “It’s a huge undertaking — from the lineup of the show, to the choreography, to the costuming — but we feel the end product will be well worth the work.”

Burlesque may be sexy but should not be confused with what you may consider seedier dance ventures. It is, in fact, a certain form of caricature intended to cause laughter through the ludicrous treatment of serious works and attitudes.

Along with that, burlesque dancers — including the Cin City dancers — often have years and years of professional dancing such as tap, ballet, jazz and more under their belts that accentuate and bolster their performances.

Cin City Burlesque brought the art of burlesque to Cincinnati in 2009 after two of the founding members attended a workshop and show in Chicago.

“After seeing a show they figured they could do the same, but with higher caliber of choreography and dance, and targeted and marketed more towards women,” LeSnapps said.  “They were more interested in the entertainment value than the straight sex appeal.”

And since then, Cin City Burlesque has been found at venues throughout the city often sponsored by Hustler Hollywood, has become a Bogart’s staple during the holidays with their Season’s Teasings performance and they even opened for Suicide Girls’ Blackhearts Burlesque at the tour’s 20th Century Theater stop in 2015.

GO: Mass A-Peel, Bogart’s, 2621 Vine St., 10 p.m., Saturday, $18-36.