CCM entertains with 'Legally Blonde' the musical

College-Conservatory of Music’s bright and poppy musical “Legally Blonde” opened on Thursday, continuing this season’s apparent, if unintentional, theme of feminine empowerment. 

“Legally Blonde” tells the story of a typical blonde sorority girl, Elle Woods, who expects an engagement to her boyfriend, Warner, but instead gets dumped when he goes to graduate school and desires someone a little more serious. 

The musical follows Elle’s journey to Harvard Law School as she tries to win her man back, but ultimately finds maturity and love elsewhere in the process. 

The story is based on a novel with the same name, written by Amanda Brown. In 2001, Brown’s novel went to the big screen starring Reese Witherspoon. The musical rendition of Legally Blonde went to stage in 2007 with music and lyrics by Nell Benjamin and Laurance O’Keefe.

Director and choreographer Diane Lala put out the opening night performance with a lot of strength. The cast was very multi-talented with careful character development, solid singing and great dance numbers. 

The lead role, played by Lawson Young, had a difficult task in playing such a dynamic character as Elle. 

The audience saw the versatility displayed by Young as she switched from stereotypical dumb blonde to the successful Harvard Law graduate, added further by the impressive emotional impact of dialogue and song. 

The other lead, Emmett Forest, played by Chris Collins-Pisano, gave the audience a very warm, innocent performance. Collins-Pisano engaged his audience with a quirky and nerdy delivery that made everybody cheer him on as the underdog in his quest to win over Elle.

The humor offered by every cast member made this musical stand out, and it showed in the audience’s constant giggling. 

The crucial performances by the supporting cast members allowed for the play to be light and loveable, with entertainment in every scene of the musical. 

The very loveable hairdresser, played by Madeline Lynch, and her love for the UPS man played by Jay McGill, was the humorous highlight of the musical. McGill made the audience laugh every time he would walk on stage, giving cheesy line after line, as mood music reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” played in the background. 

Stereotypes are a big part of this musical. The pretentious boyfriend, Delta Nu Sorority girls and big, scary law professors made the story relatable and made the audience really care for what was going on. 

Every moment was crucial to the development of emotion. 

Kudos to the cast and crew of “Legally Blonde” as they opened its series of shows by giving the audience a warm, hilarious production that kept us all entertained from start to finish.

Legally Blonde plays at CCM until Nov. 2.