Scattered Sun

Scattered Sun beer by Southbound Brewing Company is a beer infused with orange peel and spices.

Don’t let the indecisive Cincinnati weather fool you — it is, in fact, winter. With the temperatures dipping into the single digits this week, I found myself yearning for simpler summer days.

That was the idea when I took an impromptu trip to Asheville, North Carolina, over winter break. I was a little shocked to find piles of snow plowed on the sides of the road from the snowpocalypse that plagued the East Coast earlier in the month.

Supposedly, it’s one of the better beer cities in the country, so I was excited to try a few brewskis and maybe sit at a scenic rooftop patio. (Maybe wishful thinking for December, but a girl can hope). Unfortunately, the nasty raining-on-snow weather didn’t make my dreams a reality, so I settled on picking a random beer from the grocery store shelf.

Inspired by the warm yellow can emblazoned with a graphic of a golden sun with a twirly mustache, I picked up a six-pack of Scattered Sun — a Belgian style witbier from Southbound Brewing Co. in Savannah, Georgia.

“An inspiration from the beer country, our Belgian Witbier is a good representation of this classic style,” Scattered Sun’s description reads. “This beer is refreshingly crisp and perfect for those hot summer festivals.”

According to the packaging, Southbound Brewing Co. is the first production microbrewery in Savannah. That alone piqued my interest: A self-made microbrewery? I love a good underdog story. I snatched that sixer right from the shelf at the local Ingle’s.

An ale brewed with orange peel and spice, Scattered Sun pours to a hazy, golden yellow with a fluffy white head. An aroma with hints of lemon zest are apparent upon wafting.

The 5.2-percent ABV witbier is light and refreshing; it hits you with a tangy orange punch, following with a spicy (but slightly sweet) coriander finish. It’s an approachable beer with just 15 IBUs.

While it’s incredibly drinkable, I feel like I’d enjoy it more if I cracked one of these open on an oppressively hot summer’s day. For now, I’ll just dream of warmer days in Georgia while I hide from the arctic freeze that has claimed Cincinnati.